Rideshare Line

So, hi everyone and welcome to Lyftline.info. I set up the website to give you a little bit of an idea how Lyft line works. It’s not the big money maker. It’s like UberPOOL. A lot of people don’t necessarily like it. Why? Because you have different parties entering your car. So, if you have a destination that you’re traveling to and you have one passenger on board that came on board on the Lyft line, if somebody else, a second party joins with the same or similar destination you’ll suddenly find two people in the car that are sharing that fare. So it’s a very, very cheap way for them to drive. Truly you’re not making much money on it but just wanted to share with you basically how it works. If you have any questions, general questions regarding Lyft, you’re more than welcome to text or email me 365 days a year. I am known as the Rideshare Professor on the internet. So, all of my information is underneath this video. Feel free to check it out. If you want to join Lyft and get the highest bonus, again I have the referral link right underneath this video. Have a great day guys.

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